All you need to know about Coronavirus?

Outbreak of Coronavirus china

You are probably not surprised with Wuhan coronavirus outbreak now. Rate of infected people is gradually increasing in China. 7911 cases are confirmed worldwide, and 7801 cases are from China. 170 people died from coronavirus and all of them also from China. 22 countries are affected by coronavirus as of the 30th of January 2020. 

Is it dangerous to order a package from China now due to coronavirus?

What is Coronavirus

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Coronavirus, a virus came out of the animals sold in Wuhan, China; spreading around many countries in the world. Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province in central China, home for 11 million people. Coronavirus is a new respiratory disease showing the symptoms of the common cold, running nose, sore throat or fever.

Health experts call this Novel Coronavirus, which means this is brand new. It mutates quickly. It circulates among animals most often in bats and snakes. This virus first identified in the 1960s, but the country of origin is unknown. This virus can affect both animals and humans.

How is it transmitted

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Coronavirus can spread through direct and indirect contact with the virus.

Direct contact means close personal contact with the infected person. Oral secretions of the infected people can spread coronavirus from one to another. Caretaking the infected people, using the same utensils of the infected people can cause direct transmission. 

Indirect transmission can happen through the oral secretion droplets spread by coughing, sneezing of infected people. Touching these droplets and then touching mouth or nose can be merely infecting another.   

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What countries have Coronavirus?

Currently following countries officially announce they have people infected 2020/01/30

What countries have Coronavirus
  • China – 7801 infected and 170 dead
  • Thailand – 14 infected
  • Japan – 11 infected
  • Hong Kong – 10 infected
  • Singapore – 10 infected
  • Taiwan – 8 infected
  • Malaysia – 8 infected
  • Macau – 7 infected
  • Australia – 7 infected
  • South Korea – 6 infected
  • United States -5 infected
  • France – 5 infected
  • Germany -4 infected
  • United Arab Emirates – 4 infected
  • Canada – 3 infected
  • Vietnam – 2 infected
  • Cambodia -1 infected
  • Nepal – 1 infected
  • Finland -1 infected
  • Philippines – 1 infected
  • India – 1 infected
  • Sri Lanka – 1 infected

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the same as other respiratory diseases like the common cold. The early stage of this virus hard to recognize or not showing symptoms at all. Most of the symptoms begin to appear between 2-14 days after infection. Coronavirus mainly weakens the immune system.

coronavirus symptoms info graphic
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Fiver
  • Cough
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Pain in the body

If you have the above symptoms, please seek medical care immediately. Currently, many medical experts trying to control the virus. The global public health is working on with antibiotics, various treatments and anti-viruses for coronavirus. All we can do is protect from infecting and spreading the virus.

As it turns out that you have all of the above symptoms. 

Just don’t panic. 

Remind yourself that,

  • Did you recently travelled to China?
  • Did you have any contact with Chinese? 
  • Did you travel where the infected people went?

If not, you just have a common cold — no doubt about it. But, with the current situation, seeking medical care is essential. 

But if you did have any contact with Chinese, just be careful and have the medical treatments as soon as possible. Because you might have the risk of coronavirus. 

How to protect from coronavirus

When you go outside and come back, you bring so many germs and other bacteria the outside world into your house. There might be coronavirus with the other germs too. So what should we do to protect from this deadly virus? Here is some advice for you.

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Wash your Hand more often

Wash your hands frequently after using public transport, after using the toilet, before and after your every meal and at least once an hour. Make sure you’re using alcohol-based hand rub. Always use warm water and soap. Keep a hand sanitizer with you

protect from coronavirus wash your hands info graphic
How to protect from coronavirus – wash your hand

Wear face masks

wear face masks corona virus

Currently, many countries have been requested to wear face masks in crowded places as a precautionary measure. You should always wear them properly. You can buy them any online stores or pharmacies. Follow the correct steps when wearing the masks. Masks avoid you contacting with germs that contain in air and inhaling them.

Avoid direct contact with infected people

Not close contact with anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus. We face thousands of people per day sometimes. It’s tough to recognize the people who are sick. If you have to deal with sick people, don’t worry, always wear gloves and masks. Do precautionary measures we talked about earlier.

Avoid direct contact with animals

Always wear gloves before you contact with a live or dead animal. 

Always cook meat 

If you are a fan of raw meat or uncooked meat dishes, avoid them because there is a high risk that animals may affect the virus. The best option is to avoid meat and poultry until the situation is settled. 

Seek medical care immediately 

If you were able to recognize coronavirus in early stages, there is a high chance of getting the right medicine and medical care. If you have symptoms, it is better to take the necessary medications as soon as possible. 

Protect others from getting sick

If you have flu or fever, seek medical advice immediately. After that, avoid close contact with people and try to stay home. Avoid public places. 

So, we cannot positively say that we have a chance of having coronavirus. On the other hand, prevention is better. Therefore when you are trying to go out, you should be more careful. Follow up the prevention methods that we have stated above. Stay hydrated and eat more foods that improve your immunity. 

Protect other from getting sick from corona virus info graphic

Stay safe, everyone.


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