Can COVID-19 Affect Children?

Can COVID-19 Affect Children?

Yes, certainly. COVID-19 can affect children too. Coronavirus cases of children are not severe, but that does not make them less serious. The current situation of the world is crucial because of the novel coronavirus outbreak. COVID-19 is spreading its power around the world without hesitation.

Some countries are locked down to control the spreading of COVID-19. Governments of every country have taken the necessary measures to keep their countries safe from COVID-19. Since the World Health Organization announced that the COVID-19 is pandemic, health authorities of every country taken every measures to keep the people safe.

Wuhan in China where the coronavirus started to spread is locked down since January, and now Italy is locked down because they could not be able to control the COVID -19 infected rate. Italy is the country where the highest number of deaths are recorded other than China.

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Current situation of coronavirus outbreak

As for the 16th of March 2020 – 167,511 cases are confirmed globally, 13,903 cases are new. 6606 deaths are reported due to COVID-19. Currently, 151 countries are affected by COVID-19. World Health Organization declared that the risk of infecting coronavirus is very high around the global.

With the epidemic situation, we should pay out attention towards the children. Because basically, COVID-19 affect children more than elders does. Because they are not aware about this crucial situation. Simply, children need to manipulate by their parents, teachers or caretakers. Because children cannot follow the good hygienic practices by their own.

Elders have the full responsibility to keep the children away from this COVID-19.

You may be surely wondering about the death rate of children because of COVID-19 outbreak. Yes, the death rate of children is very low compared to elderly people. Even so, we cannot confirm that COVID-19 is not affecting children.

Governments are taken actions to close all the schools in order to control the spreading of COVID-19. What happens if COVID-19 affect one child in the school? Think about it. Then this one child can transfer the coronavirus into other colleagues or the teachers. Then for the caretakers or the parents, and family members. Now you know the seriousness of the COVID-19 affecting children.

Does COVID-19 affect children?

Yes it does. COVID-19 can affect children. As a matter of fact, there has been a very low occurrence of deaths in children associated with COVID-19 than elders. Researchers and medical experts are still figuring out what are the facts that keep children healthier. The reason behind the resistance might be their stronger immunity or the less susceptible lungs.

However, epidemiologists saying that children have the same capacity of affect COVID-19 as the elders. Therefore as the elders, we have to protect the children from affecting COVID-19. Locking down of the schools is one of the cleverest options to slower the spreading of COVID-19 among children.

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What are the symptoms of COVID-19 in children?

The symptoms of COVID-19 children are much alike with elders.
· Flu
· Dry cough
· Difficulty in breathing
· Runny nose
· Muscle pain

As to the risk assessment, elderly people, people with a medical condition such as heart diseases, lung disease or diabetes have a higher risk of developing COVID-19 over the healthy little children. But if your child is in a medical condition, there is a higher risk of affect COVID-19 than an average healthy child.

How can you protect your child from affecting COVID-19?

I can surely say that you have heard what you should do to avoid COVID-19 more than thousand times. No doubt about it. Teach the same thing to your child to stay away from the virus and stay healthy. Empowering your child with knowledge is the best thing to do. Don’t ever try to scare children. Instead of scaring, you can teach them a little science. Before teaching your children, you should do a fact analysis about coronavirus outbreak.

Washing hands

Teach your children to wash their hands with soap frequently. Remind them to wash the hands before taking the meals, after using the washroom, after using public transport, after playing and after going out. Children have a higher frequency of touching germs more than elders and keep your eye on your children and tell them to wash their hands.

Teach them to use the correct techniques when washing hands and remind them to wash their hands with soap at least 20 seconds. Tell them than soap can kill the viruses. Sing a song while they are washing their hands. As it turns out good, they will try themselves to sing a song and wash their hands in a proper way.

Avoid touching face, nose or mouth

Teach your children not to touch their faces to avoid affecting COVID-19. Most importantly, remind them how to sneeze or cough in public, how to use tissues, and how to dispose of the used tissues. You can act and show them how to cover your nose and mouth with tissues or elbow.

Wear a facial mask

Give them a better facial mask whenever they are going out. Teach them how to wear it and remind your children not to take off the mask until they arrive home. Teach your children that the best option to protect children from affecting COVID-19 is wearing a mask and make sure that they are wearing the mask even if it is making them uncomfortable.

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Disinfect toys

Disinfect their toys and everything they use frequently. Use an alcohol-based disinfectant. Teach them how to disinfect their toys or goods and explain why we should clean our things.

Wash the cloths

Wash their cloths frequently. Lauder the washable toys as well. Keep the dirty clothes of ill person away from your child’s clothes. Wash them with a proper washing liquid and dry the items completely. Teach your children to put their dirty clothes into a separate place without piling up with the clean cloths.

Avoid children from going out

Another way to keep your child away from affecting COVID-19 is to avoid them from going out to play. With the closing down of the schools, children take this as a vacation. No wonder. But, playing outside can be very dangerous with the current situation. Your child might contact with other sick children can transfer the virus into your child and then to your family. Therefore don’t let your child go out and play. Instead of going out you can play with your child with puzzles, chess or other indoor games.

Use a hand sanitizer

Teach your children to use a hand sanitizer. If your children still going to school under this chaos; teach them to how to wash away the germs from their hands. Remind them not to touch their faces without using a hand sanitizer. Give them an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and teach them how to use it. The alcohol percentage of sanitizer should be above 60%. If not, there is no use of using that sanitizer.

Avoid eating outside or shared food

Don’t let your child eat from outside to avoid affecting COVID-19. This is much important to remember. Always give your child home-cooked food. Even better if you are cut off meat for now. Give them a nutritious meal with fresh vegetables and fruits rather than fast foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits can improve the immunity of your child, and they can be able to fight with the virus. Explain to them that fresh veggies and fruits can protect them from the diseases. Remind your children not to share foods with friends or colleagues these days.

Make sure that children are staying away from sick people

Make them aware that we should stay away from the sick people even they are our relations or friends. Children are naturally very compassionate, and they tend to reach the sick people. Teach them we should stay away from the sick people to protect ourselves as well as others to avoid affect COVID-19.

Medical attention

If your children show the slightest symptom of cold or flu, please take them to a medical centre and make sure that they are not affected with COVID-19 or if your child affected with COVID-19 take the necessary steps immediately. Isolate them and take care of them. Don’t scare your sick children. Tell them that everybody is going to fine eventually.

COVID-19 affect children also. We just only need children to feel safe, not to scare them. Therefore we must need to teach them how to protect themselves from COVID-19.

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