Can You Get COVID-19 From Your Pet

Can You Get COVID-19 From Your Pet

No, there is no proven evidence that dogs or cats are not infected by COVID-19 and able to infect people. COVID-19 is spreading to almost every country in the world. According to the current reports, COVID -19 is spreading around 199 countries. Currently, China successfully controlled the spreading of COVID-19. But the situation of other countries like Italy, the USA, and Spain is worse.

The USA overtakes China with confirmed cases. China bars foreign visitors as imported cases rise. Since China has controlled the situation, slowly adapting to the usual lifestyle. But as to the World Health Organization, most of the countries are locked down to control the pandemic situation. Governments are giving the necessary instructions to the people who are under lockdown.

As to the instructions, people are staying in their homes without partying and going out. Simply, this pandemic situation taught us family is the most precious thing in this world to us. We include our pets as our family members as well. Our pet family members can be Dogs, cats, parrots, or rabbits, etc

With the coronavirus outbreak, people have many questions about getting COVID-19 from pets. If there is a chance of getting COVID-19 from pets, that will be a huge fact. Because practically, a social distancing of pets is hard.

But, here’s the good news. The World Health Organization responsibly declared that there is no chance to infect COVID-19 to the pets.

Please visit World Health Organization for latest news

Is there evidence of COVID-19 infected animals?

There was news that 2 dogs from Hong Kong have tested positive for COVID-19. There were the pets of COVID-10 infected patients. The first dog died after infecting COVID-19. But, there is no proven evidence that the dog died because of the virus.

But a virologist at Hong Kong University said that neither of the two dogs have become sick because of COVID-19. Further, even if the dogs are infected, it does not say that dogs have the disease or are sick with COVID-19.

Therefore, there are no reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19 and pets can transmit COVID-19 to humans. Further studies are going on to identify the effect of COVID-19 in animals. For now, you could be satisfied with the news of not getting COVID-19 from your pet.

Can you get COVID-19 from your pet?

Still there is no evidence that pets or animals can spread COVID -19 to humans. Coronavirus is a huge family of viruses. Some members of the coronavirus family infect humans while others are infecting animals. Coronavirus that can infect animals and then infecting humans through the animals is a rare situation. So, don’t panic. With the current studies, no need to worry about getting COVID-19 from your pet.

How to stay healthy with your pets?

It is true that we are out of proven evidence that our pets can infect COVID-19 and you can get COVID-19 from your pet. But basically all the animals are carrying germs, so your pets. As we are in a worldwide pandemic situation it is better to keep ourselves and our pets safe. Therefore practice healthy habits when you handle pets and other animals. Pets are family. You cannot abandon them in this pandemic situation.

As for now, healthy pet owners can follow healthy hygiene habits rather than getting panicked.

Wash your hands after handling pets

Proper hand hygiene is the key to stop spreading COVID-19. Remind yourself to wash your hands after interacting with pets, other animals. Practice your children to wash their hands too. Use soap and running water to wash hands. If you are unable to get soap and water hand sanitizer can help you with it. Even if there is no chance of getting COVID-19 from your pet you should practice good hygiene.

Don’t contact with your pet’s saliva

You must love to pet your fluffy ball. No wonder.  Supervise your children not to put hands into pets’ mouths when petting them.  Don’t let your pets to lick or kiss your face. Pet’s saliva might not carry coronavirus and you should not be afraid of getting COVID-19 from your pet. In fact, their saliva can contain thousands of germs.

If you are suspect or confirmed with COVID-19, stay away from your pets

If you are suspected or confirmed with COVID-19, you are advised to stay away from your family members and get self-quarantined. You should stay away from your pets as well. Although there is no confirmed evidence that animals are infected and getting sick with COVID-19, it is still good enough to stay away from your pets for a while. Another reason is that an infected person can pass COVID-19 through the germs on their fur to another who touches the animal.

Avoid petting, let them to kiss you or share food with pets while you are sick with COVID-19.

Clean your pet’s fur with a disinfectant

Clean your pet with alcohol based disinfectant. You can use usual shampoo, diluted bleach, peroxide or an alcohol based disinfectant to clean your puppy. Don’t let them go out in this pandemic situation.

Clean the utensils used by your pet

Remind yourself to clean the food and water baskets used by your pet often. Use a dishwasher and clean them rapidly. Clean their beds and don’t let them sleep in your beds or couches just for now. It is quite true that you consider your pets as your family. But you are a human and you are capable of caring for yourself and your children. But your pets can’t. You have the responsibility of saving their lives as well.

Use a paw wipe to clean the paws of your pets

Use a paw wipes or paw cleaner to clean your pet’s paws whenever they come in and out. Paw wipes or paw cleaners can reduce the spreading of germs all over your house.

Don’t let anyone to touch your pets

We have no evidence to prove that humans can pass COVID-19 to pets. But keeping your pets away from outsiders is the best option that you can follow. Don’t let your pet interact with other animals. That can prevent passing germs from one animal to another.

During this pandemic, it is your responsibility to keep your loved ones safe, so your pets too. Wash your hands and stay safe.

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