Is coronavirus contagious?

Is coronavirus contagious?

In short, yes. Coronavirus is just like your typical flu. It is contagious. It can be transmitted airborne, which means if someone with the virus near you sneezed, then you most likely have a chance of catching it too. This is why some countries ask people to wear a mask. Also, you can use hand sanitizer. Make sure you buy the Alcohol-based version. When ordering check labels to ensure your hand sanitizer includes alcohol. 

All you need to know about coronavirus

How is it transmitted

It can be caught directly and indirectly. What is direct, then? Even a simple sneeze can transmit it by an infected person – let alone kisses. Make sure to get the partner checked before things escalate ;).

Remember, during kindergarten, our teachers told us not to share certain objections together, those are transmittable objects such as cutleries, personal hygienic products. Indirect can be oral droplets such as by coughing, sneezing the infected ones. Avoid contact if someone shows signs of flu or virus.

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What are symptoms then?

It’s basically your typical respiratory disease like a common cold. It can be unrecognized at first. Most signs show after 2 days to 2 weeks after the infection occurs, it weakens your immune system. 

Coronavirus definitely is a huge concern worldwide with the current epidemic. There are regions in China being affected and outside the country too, as the world braces into a flu storm. It is important to realize how contagious it can be, governmental bodies worldwide have been taking precautionary measures to keep their citizens safe and sound.

If you know anyone who’s travelled to China recently, it is best to get them checked and also stay at home for 14 days as a safety measure and self-quarantine. Visit the doctor to know the situation better and prevent panic.

Is coronavirus contagious?

While it can be worrisome, it is important to note that just like a flu it varies in severity and not every case of Coronavirus results in death!

Coronavirus has become a huge concern for many people worldwide. What makes it so alarming is that it still has not been fully understood and there is no vaccination against it or powerful medication.

Coronavirus varies in severity from person to person which is why it is so difficult to predict the mortality. Some patients have simple flu like symptoms and resolve while others can develop complications like pneumonia and multi organ failure causing death. People are especially prone if they have predisposing conditions and are at the extremes of age groups.

virus can be spread through simple air borne droplets, it is important to realise how contagious it can be and hence the government has been taking extraordinary measures for quarantining these patients and preventing a further spread.

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If you know anyone who has had a recent travel history to China, ensure that they have been screened and that face masks are used. Yes it can be contagious, so if you have any flu like symptoms and have come in recent contact with a person who has travelled recently to China, get screened immediately. Early recognition and prompt supportive treatment can go a long way to ensuring that you have a good recovery, and prevent a pandemic. 

Remember to stay safe by taking measures such as wearing a surgical mask. There are all sorts of surgical masks on the market for sale it is important to see which ones can actually work well. Using hand sanitizer, if it’s all finished in the market we suggest making your own with accessible ingredients as there are many methods of creating your own hand sanitizer.

Washing your hands after doing anything, it is important and has to do whether there is a virus or Not. It should be behavioral and done every single time you know you should be washing hands. Wearing eye protection as the virus can be airborne transmitted, try wearing fake glasses to protect your eyes well and safe.

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