What’s the right mask for the coronavirus?

right mask for the coronavirus

With tons of masks emerging from the market and many varieties that we’ve seen from the past few weeks, it’s been chaotic for our own head. some countries ask people to wear mask when people go outside. so how to choose right mask for the coronavirus? Don’t worry, and we have the perfect guide for you.

All you need to know about Coronavirus

Is coronavirus contagious?

Surgical masks

Surgical masks for virus

The most affordable option amongst all options. Surgical masks are used as a proper physical barricade in order to protect you from dangerous hazards, like what you may ask. Like splashes of large droplets of blood, saliva, snot or body fluids. Surgical masks help protect other people against infection if you’re sick and it’ll protect whoever is around you.

N95 Mask

n15 mask

Everybody is talking about this mask, what on earth is it? It’s usually used in the construction field as it’s one of the strongest masks. N95 covers the nose and mouth and helps protect you from inhaling in hazardous substances. N95 mask protects you from breathing in tiny little particles that float in the air such as dust and mould. This mask got popular during the swine flu, and now people are scrambling to get the mask as protection.

Paper Mask

In all honesty, it does not do much but protect your face. It’s made of paper, doesn’t filter nothing but maybe a large object flying towards you. Easily to soak up fluid and making it dirty easily.

Pitta Mask

pitta mask

It’s great during spring as it blocks pollen and dust. To make this effective against coronavirus you can wear it over your surgical mask for a double filter. It became famous during the Hong Kong social unrest.

Gas Mask

gas mask

The icon of Hong Kong protests, many of you must’ve seen this during the news. It can block everything, as it blocked out toxic gas. But it is a huge looker, once you wear it – it keeps you safe from everything but the stares.

What’s the right mask for the coronavirus?

Now that you know which masks to purchase for your own good, be wise with deciding on the best mask. Besides using masks, it is important to keep your hands free from your face. Don’t touch your face with unclean hands as your hand contains various bacteria obtained from public places.

It would be best if you washed your hands frequently 

  • after using public transport, 
  • after using the toilet, 
  • before and after your every meal and at least once an hour. 

Make sure you’re using alcohol-based hand rub. Always use warm water and soap. Keep a hand sanitizer with you.

Washing your hands is crucial for proper hygiene, by using the proper hand soaps and following the proper steps of washing hands. First of all, wet your hands, then add enough soap to cover your hands. Rub your hands together to form suds, use one hand to rub back of the other hand and in-between fingers and vise versa. 

  • Rub your hands together palm to palm and wash in-between fingers. 
  • Clean the back of your fingers against your palms and then rub your thumbs thoroughly. 
  • Brush your finger food on your palm and scrub it generously. 

Rinse your hand, rinse your tap by scooping water to your tap head and take a paper towel, and wipe your hands dry. Close the tap after usage. 

Stay safe, not just by a mask. Keep your face and hands clean.

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