How To Stay Active During Covid-19?


Are you bored at home? here is the perfect guide to Stay Active During COVID-19 Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 pandemic, every country has taken many steps to control the spreading of COVID-19. Self-quarantine is one and the most important step that we can follow to control the spreading of COVID-19. With the current data, medical experts introduced an incubation period for COVID-19.

What is Covid-19?

Covid-19 is a contagious disease caused by a virus that belongs to the family of coronavirus, and it affects the human respiratory system. It was first identified after the start of the outbreak in Wuhan, China. Now, Covid-19 has spread to almost every country, and medical experts all over the world are fighting with this new disease to save the infected.

Measures that have been taken in order to fight Covid-19

Since there’s no specific vaccine or medicine which can prevent Covid-19, WHO (World Health Organization) has introduced some precautions in order to lessen the chances of spreading the coronavirus.

Washing hands.

WHO has suggested that cleaning your hands using soap or hand wash for at least 20 seconds can kill the virus (from your hands). Also, using alcohol-based hand rub such as hand sanitizers can protect you from viruses. Therefore, practicing the above can reduce the chances of getting infected by the virus that causes Covid-19.

Maintaining good respiratory hygiene.

When talking about respiratory hygiene, since Covid-19 directly affects the human respiratory system, it is necessary to maintain good habits when interacting with others in public places or even at home. So that, covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing, using a face mask if you have any respiratory diseases such as the common cold and practicing proper disposal methods after using tissues when coughing and sneezing are known as good respiratory hygiene habits.

Social distancing

During this period, the public is asked to keep themselves away from larger gatherings in order to avoid the chances of spreading the virus. Also, maintaining at least 1-meter distance from the others when you or they are coughing or sneezing in public places as well as when you are at your own house. Because when you are coughing or sneezing, it indulges with spritzing liquid droplets, and it can affect someone else if you have been infected with Covid-19. But it should be mentioned that people should try engaging themselves in fun and healthy activities which can make them stay active during Covid-19.


Staying at one place while you are monitored by medical experts if you have had any interaction with an infected person is called quarantine. The main objective of this practice is to reduce the chances of spreading the virus. So the concept of self-quarantine which also comes under this means staying at one place without having any interaction with the outside world.

Rescheduling daily routine in social distancing period in order to stay active during Covid-19         

Since this basically involves physically distancing yourself from the outer world, it might become somewhat stressful. In other words, your normal day-to-day routine becomes deviated. Because schools and higher education institutes are closed, workplaces are closed and telecommuting or working from home is practiced etc. So that, it is crucial to stay active during Covid-19. Therefore, one might think about what kind of activities they can engage during this period. Don’t worry, and there’s a lot of fun and useful things to do during this period.

First of all, you have to reschedule your day. For instance, you can update your daily routine by engaging in indoor games, exercising, learning new skills, cleaning your house, completing your assignments, reading books, etc. Furthermore, you can make this an opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones. Also, you can spend more time focusing on yourself because some of you might not have had any time for self-care. So, who says there’s nothing to do during social distancing?

How to keep ourselves physically and mentally energetic during the pandemic?

As mentioned earlier, this might be a very stressful situation for most of you, regardless of your age or gender. As a matter of fact it is clearly normal to become stressed out, and there’s nothing to be worried about. But it is really important to stay active during Covid-19. Therefore, maintaining good mental and physical health marks the necessity to stay active and healthy during the pandemic. So here are a few things for you to practice to stay active during Covid-19.


Since you are going to stay at home for a considerable time period, maintaining your physical health is essential. Because you need to keep a balance between your dietary and health. So, exercising doesn’t always have to be hectic and strenuous. You can just practice some moves and start dancing. It is both fun and healthy. In short, as long as you engage in healthy cardio and weight workouts, you can stay physically active.

Maintaining healthy dietary plans

As you are staying at home for a long time, it is obvious that you are going to eat a lot. So it is very important to choose what is and what is not to eat. In other words, you have to limit your dietary plan to good nutrition and avoid stress-eating.


If you are stressed and confused about the Covid-19 outbreak, meditation is one of the best ways to stay calm and focused. It basically helps to maintain mindfulness, and hence you can protect your mind from external forces.

Indulge in fun indoor activities

If you are bored, then watch a movie or play fun indoor games such as playing video games, Chess, etc. All you have to do is to figure out what kind of indoor activities you are interested in. Apart from the above activities, you can surf through the internet and virtually connect with people.

Thus, you know how to keep yourself active during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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