How To Stay Healthy And Fun During COVID-19

Stay Healthy During COVID-19

COVID-19 was first identified after the start of the outbreak in Wuhan, China. According to the World Health Organization, China has reported an unknown virus that caused pneumonia in December 2019. Then, at the End of January, China reached its death toll up to 170 with more than 7000 cases. After that outbreak, it was found that the virus has spread to other countries as well.

As a matter of fact, COVID-19 is a fatal disease which affects the human respiratory system. As WHO has stated, COVID-19 is caused by a virus that belongs to the family of coronaviruses. According to the latest reports on COVID-19, it is fatal to those whose immune systems are weak. Since the virus is transmitted from human to human, people are asked to stop and limit their travelling and stay in one place. Apart from that, each government has set up new rules to avoid the chances of the virus getting spread.

As a result, social distancing has been introduced. Therefore it is really important to stay healthy while you are staying at home amid this pandemic.

Why is it necessary to stay healthy during COVID-19?


During a stressful situation like COVID-19 pandemic, it is very important to stay healthy. Because staying healthy simply means you have the capacity to fight the illnesses. Since it has been a while, you have started staying at home, paying more attention to your health is crucial.

Self-quarantine is one and the most important step that we can follow to control the spreading of COVID-19.

Furthermore, since most of you are staying at your homes without doing anything but watching TV, eating, surfing the internet and sleeping, you might end up being depressed because nobody enjoys being stuck at one place. It is true that this is like a vacation for some of you, but it is going to be tedious. Therefore you should stay active and healthy during this hectic period of time.

At a time like this, you should be concerned about your physical and mental health equally. So, it depends on how you keep the balance among what you eat, how much you exercise, and how well you sleep. Otherwise, you are going to deal with a lot of side effects from staying at home. Therefore it marks the necessity to stay healthy during COVID-19.

Actually, it is no wonder that people are scared and anxious about the current situation in the world. Since COVID-19 has become a global issue, like its victims, it is reasonable to feel panicked. But, what we must keep in our mind is, panicking won’t help us to overcome this pandemic.

We all know that medical experts and other responsible groups are fighting against this new virus. Also, we know that the remedy cannot be discovered in one night. It is a long process and needs so much effort. So that, as responsible people what we all have to do is to help our governments to fight the pandemic. Therefore, first, we should stay healthy.

How to maintain physical and mental health in the proper way?

Stay Healthy During COVID-19


Since it is the social distancing period, you might not be able to go to the gym. But there are so many ways to keep your fitness. For example, you can exercise while staying at your home. If you know how to do it, why would you bother about the place you are working out.

Also, you can take a walk if the authorities have allowed. If not, you can just walk around your garden. In addition to that, you can dance. According to many, dancing is also a way of exercising. So, you just have to engage in some cardio and strength workouts in order to maintain physical health. Therefore, take your time for your fitness because it is very crucial for staying healthy during COVID-19.


Since you are going to stay at home for a considerable time period, it is important to maintain a healthy diet plan. Because keeping a balance between your fitness and food you consume is always vital. Also, eating food that increases your immunity and drinking plenty of water will keep you safe from the illnesses.

Not only that but also, you should avoid stress-eating since it is very unhealthy and may cause gaining weight unusually. Apart from that, limiting alcohol consumption might also help you to stay healthy during COVID-19.


When talking about both mental and physical health, sleep plays a major role. Because sleep is what gives a break to our mind as well as to our body and hence it helps you to stay healthy during COVID-19. Also, sleep can help you to cope with stress and anxiety. Since listening to sad and scary stories about COVID-19, you might be depressed.

Therefore having a good sleep is very important. By any means, if you find it is difficult to fall asleep as usual, you should not be panicked because the changes in your usual routine can affect your sleeping style. So, what you have to do is to find a way to fall asleep. For instance, you can try listening to calm music that helps you to rearrange your stressful mind.


During a stressful time like this, being mindful is crucial. Because your mental health decides your physical health after all. In other words, if your mind is ill, it affects all the other bodily functions. Therefore, you have to pay attention to your mental health.

For that, you can engage in mindfulness exercises such as meditations. Also, you have to accept the reality, and the uncertainty comes along with that. As a result, it will help you to cope with stress and anxiety.

Strategies to cope with distress.

There are so many strategies to cope with the trauma and distress you experience during a traumatic situation like COVID-19. For example, you can watch a movie and try to escape reality for a while. Also, you can clean your house, play with your pets, have a little conversation with your parents and siblings etc.

Apart from that, you can use social media to deviate yourself a bit. But, you should remember that sometimes social media to causes you stress due to a heavy load of information. Therefore you should be careful when surfing through the internet. Thus, what you should do in order to cope with distress and the trauma during the pandemic is to make yourself indulge with some work. Because spending your time without engaging in an activity can make you more stressed.

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