Best Color Night Light For Sleeping

best color night light for sleeping

Best color night light for sleeping

Best color night light for sleeping is red so let’s talk about interesting facts about sleep with the light on

Sleep is one of the essential aspects of health.if you don’t sleep healthily, your body can’t repair it’s self as efficiently as it would. You might have personal preferences.

Some people prefer lights on some people need calm music to sleep. It is most likely just a habit that allows them to feel secure. however, in this article let’s talk about the

Some people prefer being able to see the room at night. Do you remember old Edison bulb when which glows like reddish-orange? It feels sleepy all the time. Usually, the color red is the recommended best night light for sleeping. Also, make sure light not pass through your eyelids. 

After closing your eyes if you see the color of your light, it may disturb your sleep. It will signal your brain to release hormones to wake up. 

Because that was how our ancestors woke up before alarm clocks, if your brain releases these hormones, your sleep pattern is disrupted, which prevents your body from sleep.

How to prepare your bed for sleeping with color night light

Before we start anything else, you need to calm down. If you feel Stress take a deep breath, relax. You can try to meditate. Recent research said meditate one of the best ways to calm yourself.

  • Choose your favourite color between red and blue.
  • try to install with brightness controller sometimes you may need to reduce the brightness of the light 
  • Make sure your bed is the right place in the room. If you install Light bulb above your head, the light may pass through your eyelids.
  • Always try to sleep cold environment. Sleeping temperature is 60-67 degrees, which is slightly lower than the average room temperature.

To sleep faster, cut off all the distractions that make you stay awake. Using smartphones, watching movies, using social media before you sleep directly affects your sleep

Is it normal for Adults to sleep with the Lights on a room?

Of course, yes. Like I said, It is most likely just a habit that allows them to feel secure. Sleeping with a light on might be comforting or practical. 

Your body produces Melatonin chemical to help to get sleep. At night our body produces more Melatonin. This chemical will help us to get sleep quicker. If you have the trouble of sleeping, your body can’t repair it’s self as efficiently as it would. you need to take medical advice from your doctor

However, if you feel comfortable with night light, you don’t need to worry. there are so many people use night light and long as it’s not bothering you everything is fine

What is the best color night light for a child

We highly recommended to Let your child sleep without a night light. Because this habit may affect your child long term. darkness is your friend also your body will help you to sleep with dark background 

Many children are afraid of the darkness. If your child forces the turn on the light, you can use blue light and follow the above guideline to make sure everything is ok. however, always take medical advice before you take any decision for your child 

However Millions who live in cities, it’s never really dark because of street lights, car headlights, color light, etc just like it’s never really quiet. You’ll always hear the sound of ambulance and helicopters. If you need night lights to get a comfortable sleep, you don’t need to worry.

Always take medical advice before making any decision.

Here is some more tips to Sleep At Night Quickly

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