10 Best Ways To Sleep At Night Quickly

best ways to sleep at night

Do you want to get quick and comfortable sleep just after getting into bed quickly? Here is the best ways to sleep at night

For some people, night sleep is the most challenging task to fulfill. They often have insomnia and tend to have a dull day, difficulties in concentrating, lousy mood, or weight gain as well.

Good night sleep is directly affecting your health. An average healthy person should sleep 6 to 8 hours daily at night for a well functioning body.

Healthy nighttime sleep can improve your brain, immune system, and directs you to have a fresh and energized day. Here we discuss some best ways to sleep at night quickly to improve your healthy life. 

best ways to sleep at night

Most of us used to watch movies or use phones before going to sleep and waking up tired the next morning. But there are few methods that you can try to achieve a night of better sleep at night quickly. 

Stop having short naps during the day.

It is true that we feel tired during the day time and tend to have some short naps. But short naps affect your night sleep by taking so long to feel sleepy.

Instead of sleep at day time when you are tired, try some relaxing activities like listening to music or reading. Eliminating short naps during day time will surely help you to fall asleep quickly at night.

Have a shower before sleep

Having a shower or a body wash can help you wash away the tiredness of your body. Warm water can help with this. Showers before sleep helps you to remove dust, dirt, oil, and sweat from your skin and helps you to have a comfortable sleep at night. 

Adjust your room lights 

Children and even some grownups used to sleep with night lights on. But light can affect your night sleep while darkness boosts your sleep. Darkness can stimulate you to sleep at night and release melatonin, which can help you to sleep. Practice your children to sleep in darkness or choose the best night lamps for your room. 

If you are not comfortable to sleep without light, you can try to add some light in to your room Best Colour Night Light For Sleeping

Eat smart to have a quick sleep.

Don’t eat carbohydrate-rich foods before sleep because carb food takes longer to digest. It is obvious that you feel sleepy after a heavy meal, but it is not a comfortable sleep.

Always try to have a healthy and low carb food before sleep and don’t sleep just after your meals. Avoid taking caffeine-rich foods or beverages like coffee because caffeine can delay your sleep.

Try to drink more water during the day, and limit have fewer drinks in the evening. More drinks in the evening increase your trips to the washroom. 

Adjust your room temperature

When talking about the best room temperature for sleep, average temperature like 23-degree Celsius is better for comfortable sleep.

If you need a better night’s sleep, avoid using warm rooms and try to adjust your room temperature. Having baths also can regulate your body temperature.

Schedule your sleep 

Waking up and going to sleep every day at the same time can directly help you to have a better and quick sleep at night.

After following the same schedule for wake up and sleep for a few days, your biological cycle keeps a regular record for sleep and awake. Then you can wake up in the morning even without an alarm clock and gives you a better proper sleep. 

Avoid phones and movies

To sleep faster, cut off all the distractions that make you stay awake. Using smartphones, watching movies, using social media before you sleep directly affects your sleep. Eliminate using all the electronic devices before sleep and try to make a distraction-free place for sleeping. 


Regular exercise can improve your health and your sleep too. You can practice some workouts in the morning just after you wake up because the morning is the best time to do physical training.

Exercises can reduce the level of cortisol, the stress hormone in the body, and boost your mood. Exercise can also release endorphins, which act as a natural pain killer and a happy booster.

Remind yourself to avoid overdoing workouts because it makes you tired and lets you have poor uncomfortable sleep. 

Meditating is the best way to sleep at night

Meditating or focusing on your breath can relax your mind and reduce stress. Melatonin released when meditating can boost your sleep and make you calm.

You don’t need to practice a position for meditating at all. Lie down on your bed in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing pattern. By this method, you can fall asleep even without knowing. Meditating is the best way to sleep at night quickly. 

Reading before sleep

Reading makes you feel sleepy quickly. Try to read some books or papers before bed. Don’t read ebooks using your smart mobile devices because it causes eye strain and makes you feel uncomfortable throughout the night. 

Troubles in sleeping affect you in many ways. Not only the frustration; poor sleeping can affect your physical and mental well being as well. You can try some tips from above for having a good nighttime sleep. 

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