Why do my ears hurt while wearing earphones

In the modern world, people use headphones every day. For example, watch favorite videos and listening to music even now we use earphones for making calls.

There are so many choices you can find in the market. So let’s talk about the most common question people ask. Why do my ears hurt while wearing earphones?. How to find a better earphone? Don’t worry, here is all you need to know about headphones.

However, before we make any conclusions, we need to find out what caused the issue.

  • Your headphone quality
  • Volume and time
  • Dirty ear pads/plugs or Dirty ears
  • Multiple people using same earbuds

Your earphones quality

A lot of people buy unbranded earphones. Sometimes they sound quality better than branded headsets and cheap. Also, unbranded earphones offer more bass and treble.who doesn’t like it if their headphones provide more bass and clarity.

But the problem is if your earphones discomfort over time, you need to replace it for a different one. Because of all the sound pressure directed into your ear canals, Our ears are made of cartilage. Cartilage can get squeezed out of shape. It will be painful for a while, and it can affect your hearing.

You don’t have to buy branded high prices earphones because they spend so much money on marketing and branding. All you need to do is find headsets with comfortable so that your ears don’t hurt after wearing them for a long time.

Volume and time

Do you remember the popup we were getting on phones? “Listening at high volume for a long period may damage your hearing” Because your device detects more than 85 decibels (dB), and it can affect your hearing. Always use the recommended volume your device suggest. Usually, it would be 50% to 60% of the overall volume. 

More than 120 decibels (dB) will start to hurt your ears. If you’re using your earbuds the whole day, remember to take a break. The research said if you’re a daily headphone user, you need to take a break every 1-2 hours.

We understand some people’s day jobs need to be using headphones all day, for example, streamer, customer support agent, etc. after 1,2 hours, take off your headphones for a while and give your ears some rest. always make sure your earphones in the right volume

Dirty ear pads or plugs or Dirty ears

ears hurt while wearing earphones

Always clean your headphones after using them. Because it can be an increase in the bacteria count overtime. If you have an ear infection, rashes, make an appointment with your doctor.

Your earphones are the best place to grow fungus. When you sweat, it helps them to grow faster. Least clean your headphones once a week. Get a soft cloth slightly moistened with warm water and a couple of drops of alcohol or product such as Dettol after that Wring the cloth as thoroughly as you can before using it on your headphones. Then let them dry in the open for a few hours.

Your ear wax requires regular cleaning. If you use mobile earphones, ear wax will block your sound holes. Visit ENT Surgeon to find out a suitable way to remove ear wax. Because if you put something in your ear without medical advice, you’ll end up having hearing problems.

Multiple people using same earbuds 

Sometimes we need to use headphones in public, for example, libraries, schools, internet cafes, etc. this kind of headphones may cause an ear infection. Always clean your ears after using public earphones. Also, use your earbuds privately.

If your headphone use by your family members clean more often, because bacteria count may be increased. 

If you have a more information share with us hope you find a answer to Why do my ears hurt while wearing earphones

I did all of this step; still, my ears hurt while wearing earphones.

Please make an appointment with ENT Surgeon. A few other reasons may cause your ear hurt. Please take medical advice before making any decision.

If you use headphones when you sleep, you can be effect your ears, so instead of using headphones, you can try the best way to sleep at night. 

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