How to deal with glasses hurt nose, ears and head

You wear glasses to minimize the discomfort feeling to your eyes. What if you feel additional pain? You are searching for glasses that pretty for your face and the main problem rising is the discomfort that arises. Even if it is beautiful to wear, there is nothing exceptional about is if it brings nothing but pain. Glasses hurt nose, ears and head, making you dull all day. 

When we are wearing glasses, the nose pads rest on the nose, bridge of the glasses rest above the nose and temples used to keep them on ears. 

Your glasses can cause,

  • Red marks on the nose
  • Pain in the nose bridge
  • Pain in ears and head
  • Tender skin behind the ears

The main reason for the discomfort is an incorrect fit of your glasses. You must pay your attention to fitness as much as the prettiness of the glasses. You can ask the help of a professional to adjust your glasses. If your glasses are fit well, you can quickly reduce the discomfort. 

Here are some tips to control the discomfort.

Pain in the nose bridge

The main reason for the nose bridge pain is tighter nose pads of the glasses. Nose pads are the supportive aids of the glasses, which help to rest the drink on your nose. Nose pads help to keep the glass in position when you are bending down and moving. Eyeglass nose pads hurt when they are tighter than average. If my glasses hurt my nose, I’m surely going to throw them out. 

But wait, we can change your glasses hurt nose.

The best way to solve this problem is by discussing with the optician before purchasing the glasses. You can try the glasses, and if the nose pads are tighter, you can adjust them until you feel comfortable to wear them. If you are already bought a glass with uncomfortable nose pads, you can change them with the help of an optician. 

Nose pads also hold the pressure coming from the frame of the glasses. Glasses pressure on nose pads can also be a reason for the pain in the nose bridge. Here, your selection matters. When you are selecting glasses, you should choose a frame with the light material. Sometimes the lenses also might be heavier. So remember to discuss the weight of the lenses too. 

So as we discussed above, these are the factors you should consider when buying glasses.

  • The tightness of the nose pads
  • Weight of the frame
  • Weight of the lenses

Red marks on the nose

Typically, almost all the ones wearing glasses experience the red marks on the nose. These red marks caused mainly because of the nose pads of the glasses. Glasses hurt nose by making red patches because of the tightness of the nose pads. These red marks are itchy and painful, making you so uncomfortable. Sometimes the bridge of the glasses also causing red marks. 

So, how can you reduce the red marks and the pain?

The simplest method is to take off your glasses when you don’t need to see through the glass, which means when you are short-sighted, and you are reading a book, no need of using glasses. And even if you should need to wear them all day, remind yourself to remove them from time to time. Then you can reduce the red marks and pain on the nose. To reduce the red marks caused by the bridge of the glasses, don’t always push your lenses when they are slipping. Just keep them as it is for a while and push them up. 

Pain in ears and head

Pain in ears and head

Another major problem of glass wearers is pain behind the ears. This pain is caused because of the tight temples of your glasses. Tight temples is a barrier to the blood circulation of that area and causing the pain. The worst-case scenario is a headache. If you continue to wear the same tight glasses for a long time, you will inevitably suffer from headaches too. 

So what you can do is, when you are buying glasses you should make sure that they suit your size of the head. If you are already wearing glasses with tight temples, you can consult an optician to change your glasses. 

Tender skin behind the ears

Tender skin behind the ears

Wearing new glasses are fit for the skin and bit tighter even if you bought them just as to the measurements of your head. You feel pain when touching the tender area of your head. As discussed before, the essential point is to know your size. Glasses that suit your size of the head won’t make you feel pain. 

To reduce the tender skin of your head, apply some baby powder or cream where the temples are places, on the ears. And take off them periodically to regulate the blood flow of that area. If you are already an owner of this type of glasses, adjust them with the help of an optician. 

So this is how you can control the discomfort caused by glasses. It would be best if you got rid of glasses hurt nose, ears and head. Even if the glasses are super cool and glamorous, giving you nothing but pain, no use of it. 

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