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Common symptoms of covid-19

corona virus symptoms

Coronavirus is the same as other respiratory diseases like the common cold. The early stage of this virus hard to recognize or not showing symptoms at all. Most of the symptoms begin to appear between 2-14 days after infection. Coronavirus mainly weakens the immune system.

Wash your hand

Wash your hands frequently after using public transport, after using the toilet, before and after your every meal and at least once an hour. Make sure you’re using alcohol-based hand rub. Always use warm water and soap. Keep a hand sanitizer with you

Protect other from getting sick -COVID-19

If you have flu or fever, seek medical advice immediately. After that, avoid close contact with people and try to stay home. Avoid public places. 

So, we cannot positively say that we have a chance of having coronavirus. On the other hand, prevention is better. Therefore when you are trying to go out, you should be more careful. Follow up the prevention methods that we have stated above. Stay hydrated and eat more foods that improve your immunity. 

How much water do you need for a day

How much water do you need for a day

Make sure that you don’t let your throat dry. Drink water every 15 minutes. When you drink enough water, the microorganisms that are entering your body are washing away with the water as urine. But, if you are not going to drink enough water, entered bacteria and viruses can pass through your passages inside the body and make you sick.

The lifetime of covid-19 on different type of surfaces

lifetime of coronavirus on different types of surfaces

New researches by epidemiologists on a lifetime of coronavirus found the approximated lifetime of coronavirus on different types of surfaces. This is a very dangerous situation because if they can survive on the surfaces, the risk of transmitting COVID-19 is high. We are usually touching the surfaces, and the surfaces might contain COVID-19.

Mask types

Surgical masks for virus
Surgical masks
n15 mask
n15 mask
paper mask
pitta mask
pitta mask

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