8 Best methods of making Lower Creatinine Level

Lower the Creatinine Level

Today we are going to discuss “The Most Effective ways of keeping a Lower Creatinine Level”in the body which will be very simple, affordable and will worth your time and money.

We all have seen many people suffer from Kidney failures, Dehydration, Kidney obstruction due to the increase of the creatinine level of blood. 

So it is very important to take proper actions to Lower the level of Creatinine as imbalancing of the creatinine level in blood may cause many bad effects in health. 

When you have any kind of unhealthy condition it may affect not only your body but also your mind and soul. Not only yourself it will be a problem to your family. This may cause you to stop  and give up in your normal routines. So let’s know about using natural remedies to make a Lower Creatinine level.

What is meant by Creatinine?

The term Creatinine means the blood chemical waste products produced by the muscles when used and when eating proteins.

Creatinine is moved into the kidneys. At times this functioning may cause Uremia which happens when the kidneys are malfunctioning.

3 Reasons for Increasing the Creatinine Level 

  • Difficult exercise – These exercises will include the workouts you will have to put much effort into and which will make you more tired and painful including your whole body. This stresses your body without giving you any comfort such as Barbell Back Squat,Tuck Planche,Pistol Squat.
  •  Usage of drugs such as sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, or chemotherapy would cause an increase of the Creatinine level.
  • Also anyone who is under medication for situations such as High Blood pressure, Diabetes, or Thyroid conditions creatinine level found risen.

This means that our body needs clean blood to cure or to control any kind of issue caused in our body. And also it is a must to treat the underlying situations if you need to control your level of Creatinine in your body.

The common way of treating is dialysis, this is a very important procedure followed to remove unwanted products from your body.

Also changing of Lifestyle and taking proper remedies will help in treating this condition.

Natural ways of Lower Creatinine Level

How to Test your Supplementation

Creatinine is a compound made naturally in your liver. This is moved through your muscles when you use your muscles. But, when not used it may convert into a waste product.

Other than this natural formulation there are oral Supplements available. In enhancing the athletic performances some of the athletes use this as a Support.

 If anyone wishes to control the Creatinine level should not consume any of these kinds of Supplement.

Furtherly, You should discuss with the doctor and practice the given procedures to Lower the Creatinine Level. These could be done very easily without wasting much money and time.

Dietary Tips

Reducing Shrink Protein Intake

According to the research, it is shown that Consuming more proteins such as Red meat will increase the level of creatinine. 

Better to switch yourself into high vegetable consumption, if you are already consuming high amounts of red meat with healthy recipes such as vegetable, hearty vegetable stew, and lentil soup.

The need for Consuming more fiber

Fiber has high amounts of levels of creatinine which is healthy for any kind of patient. Fiber can be found in many foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes.

Keeping your body Hydrate

This is a very necessary step to anyone in any situation because we all know that water is a medicine for any disease. You should discuss with your doctor about this matter

Use of Supplements and Medicine 


This is a supplement used by many people who need to lose their weight and who suffer from Cholesterol. 

Also it is found that Chitosan is a better precaution to lower the creatinine level of Renal failure Patients.

Before using these supplements it is needed to consult a doctor regarding the correct intake and for further guidance.


Many herbs are to be known as  Natural diuretics and it is recognized that it might help in lowering the creatinine levels. 

According to One animal study it is found that increasing rats creatinine levels when they were treated with a Chinese herbal formula called WH30+.


To treat Renal failure, In China people consume a type of salvia (salvia miltiorrhiza).

Also a review of several studies deploying that salvia may have a positive effect. With common effects such as itching and stomach upset.

In Takeaway

It’s important to discuss with your doctor about the use of other herbs and herbal teas.

This includes the herbs and teas such as stinging nettle (nettle leaf), chamomile, cinnamon, ginseng, a dandelion root which is identified as very important herbs from ancient times.

All in all these facts bring out that if you want to lead a healthy life it is a must to be aware of this.

At the same time I hope this may be good guidance and support for those who really want to know about the best ways of Lower the Creatinine level in your body by the food intake and other methods.

Various problems such as kidney damage may occur due to the high level of creatinine level.

Remember that if you want to make sure that you are in the Lower stage of Creatinine Level you should follow the given guidelines accurately.

Make Sure that the body is hydrated, cut off red meat as much as possible, Do not force yourself for hard workouts, taking creatine supplements under proper medical guidance with a treatment plan.

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