School Sanitization Solution – COVID-19

School Sanitization

What do we really mean by School Sanitization during COVID 19?

Handwashing with soap as the Best Solution to prevent the spread of COVID 19 Pandemic. 

We all notice that The COVID 19 pandemic outbreak has become an issue with significant importance to be deliberated due to many motives.

Corona has impacted many areas, including the Education field, which is affecting all from Children to Adults.

Globally when we consider the current situation, we all know that schools face the issue of preparing and Many school officers, teachers, educators, and the government have initiated many School Sanitization Solutions to work in the school environment.

Accordingly, WHO, UNICEF, and other respective organizations have discussed this matter as necessary, and the discussions have given many solutions to be followed by the school staff, officers, teachers, and parents.

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Why School sanitization is important during COVID 19?

COVID-19 Emergency readiness and sanitization wash and Infection Prevention and precautions to be followed in schools must be necessary for preventing and protecting human health during infectious disease outbreaks, including the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

For the sanitization Solutions in schools, one of the most cost-effective approaches for increasing pandemic attentiveness.

Especially in resource-controlled settings, it is introducing an effective public health system, including water and sanitation systems.

This guide will provide you with all awareness for school officers, teachers, and staff to prepare and adequately respond to COVID 19, the global pandemic, as they have a responsibility for sanitization of the schools and the students.

School sanitization has become in the category of vital importance to avoid contamination of the disease among students, teachers, and staff.

Among the most critical solutions, the Frequent and proper school sanitization can be considered and used to prevent infection with the COVID-19 virus in School Environments.

Enabling WASH services and maintaining regular hand hygiene by improving facilities and using proven behavior change practice.

In the pandemic, COVID 19 introduces proper handwashing methods, making awareness of COVID 19 among students, parents, teachers, and other staff members.

 Also, the officials and establishing specific laws to support the breaking of the spread of the COVID 19, should be appropriately mentored as School Sanitization Solutions.

03 Principles to be followed in School Sanitization

Following these principles could help keep students, teachers, and staff safe at school and supporting to stop the spread of this disease.

What do we Recommend for school Sanitization?

 • Implementing regular hand washing with safe water and soap, alcohol hand sanitizer or chlorine solution and, at daily disinfection and cleaning of school surfaces

 • Providing water, sanitation, and waste management facilities and follow environmental cleaning and decontamination procedures

• Schools should encourage social distancing (a term applied to specific actions taken to slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease, including restraining large groups of people coming together)

Overall, we find that maintaining a habit of frequent washing of the hand is a necessity to support the School Sanitization.

How to collaborate in School Sanitization during COVID 19? 

1. Developing a school emergency and possible plans.

Work with administrators to guarantee schools are not used as shelters, treatment units, etc.

Contemplate canceling any community events/meetings that usually take place on school premises, based on risk.

2. Support frequent handwashing and sanitation and secure needed materials.

Make and uphold handwashing places with soap and water, and if possible, could place alcohol-based hand sanitizers in each classroom, also at entrances and exits, and near lunchrooms and toilets.

3. Clean and sterilize school buildings, classrooms, and especially water and sanitation amenities at least once a day, mainly tops that are touched by many people.

4. Contrivance social distancing practices.

· Cancelling assemblies and other events that create crowded situations.

·  Creating space for children’s desks to be at least one meter away.

Whom to be addressed to ensure the school Sanitization during COVID 19?

With local health authorities school, health staff could be planned and update emergency contact lists.

Ensure a procedure as School Sanitization Solution inhibition and control efforts at school.

Use parent-teacher committees and other methods to promote information sharing.

And address children’s questions and concerns.

Notify local health authorities about substantial increases in student and staff absenteeism due to respiratory illnesses.

In the case of a student’s absenteeism or sick leave or maybe temporary school closures, help to continue accessing quality-assured education.

Children and young people should understand this as necessary, and activities should further be based including Preschool, Primary School, Lower Secondary School, Upper School standards.

What will be the best solution for the Sanitization of Schools dring COVID 19?

All in all, In implementing Solutions to support in School Sanitization to prevent the spreading of COVID 19, we all have a significant responsibility as responsible Citizens wherever in the world.

 The frequent wash of hands is the easiest and the best solution to be seen in maintaining the School sanitization. I believe this article will help those who want to get a piece of proper knowledge in Solutions of School Sanitization.