Why is my new bed hurting my back?

Why is my new bed hurting my back

Why is my new bed hurting my back?
I bought a new bed and a mattress a month ago, and my back started to hurt almost every morning. First, I thought something happened with the structure of the bed. So I called the store where I bought the bed after one week. They send me a customer support agent to check with it.

He was very supportive and inspected every inch of the bed and the mattress again to make sure that the bed is okay. But there were no issues found. As he is an experienced customer support agent, he explained to me some facts about new beds. 

So I thought of sharing them with you. 

Here are the reasons for the back pain that the new bed gives you. 

It is normal to have back pain for a few days.    

Nothing to worry. As he explained, it is reasonable to have back pain when you change your bed all of a sudden. Don’t hurry to return. There is an adjustment period for a new bed and a new mattress. Usually, it takes 20-30 days to adjust to your new bed.

Your new bed might be so expensive and high in quality but it takes some time to adjust your body with the new bed and mattress. If your bed and the mattress is a quality product, you have nothing to worry about. Because after the adjustment period you bed and the mattress gives you the best support for your back.

Undoubtedly, your back pain will disappear after a few days. Everyone’s body reacts differently. Therefore the adjustment time may be different. So the best advice is to wait for some time.

So as he explained, this is why my new bed was hurting my back.

If your back pain continues for a long time, you must consult a doctor immediately. 

The way you sleep matters

why is my new bed hurting my back

There are so many sleeping positions. You might not be knowing how you sleep quickly, right? Lol, that is no shame. Deep sleepers barely know what is going on around them when sleeping. So when we talk about sleeping positions, you can sleep on your back, on your side, on your stomach or somewhere in between. Your old mattress is ultimately coping with your sleeping position.

That’s why you didn’t feel any pain in the back when you sleep in your old mattress. But when you switch into a new mattress all of a sudden, you feel sore and back pain. 

When choosing a new mattress, we all go for a soft mattress. Because they sound super comfortable. But soft mattresses are not suitable for people who are sleeping on their back or stomach.

Soft mattresses are made with an excess amount of padding, and those paddings can cause an unhealthy position of the spine resulting in back pain. But the kicker is soft mattresses good for side sleepers. Because paddings can maintain the curves of your body and provide the best support for your spine.

If you are a side sleeper, the best option is to go for a soft mattress. But for a few days, you might feel sore and back pain because you are in a transitional period. Wait for a few days and see the results. Surely, you feel amazing and can have a good night’s sleep. 

So for the ones who are sleeping on your back and stomach, do not go for a soft mattress. 

If your bed and mattress are correctly designed, it can give you proper support and great sleep. 

So this is why my new bed is hurting my back. 

But how do you know if this is temporary or a start to something worse?

How to recognize your back pain is not temporary?

Why is my new bed hurting my back?

As we discussed earlier, there is an adaptive time for everything. Your body does not adjust to your new bed and mattress overnight. It takes time. But it should not take more than one month to adapt to the new situation. Mattresses are not short term investments.

We buy a mattress to use it as long as we can. It makes sense for you to use the new mattress for a while and check whether the mattress is comfortable to you or not. We are so lucky to have some companies that are offering some trial period to use the mattress and check whether it suits you. Therefore we do not need to suffer from the mattress that makes us uncomfortable. 

If you continue to have back pain after the transitional period, you should probably consult a doctor and find a solution or the treatment because your back pain might not be a cause of your new bed.  

Back pain can occur in several other ways. 

  • Your work environment can cause back pain. Sitting,walking, wearing heels are the main reasons. 
  • Your stress might be a reason. 
  • Your bad postures are causing back pains more often.
  • Your lifestyle patterns can lead to back pain too. Engaging in sports can be taken as an example. 
  • Arthritis, unhealthy organs, even cancer, can cause back pain. 

But there is nothing to worry about. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. For each and every cause, there is a method to solve. But you should pay your attention to your health as well as your loved ones because ignorance is the first step of many problems. 

So the comfort offered by a new bed or a mattress is a subjective matter. It differs from person to person. This is why it is not a good idea to buy a mattress based on recommendations from friends or family. 

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