How to lose weight as a gamer?

How to lose weight as a gamer?

Gamers have a high risk of gaining weight. Typically, they are not following any diet plans, eating junk foods, they are not walking even 100 steps per day, don’t drink enough water, some gamers don’t even sleep at least 2 hours. They are quite addictive for video games. But little changes in lifestyle can make a big difference in their health. We are not suggesting to change the daily routine all of a sudden, but slight differences day by day. Here is the all you need to know about how to lose weight as a gamer

Imagine a person who is playing video games all day. 

I can surely say what you imagine, a fat person filling his mouth with potato chips in front of the desktop and with the controller. Right?

So that is the reality. Gamers are sitting all day staring at the computer, eat junk food and drink sugary beverages. So there is nothing to disagree with gaining weight of the gamers. But changing wrong diet plans and add some good habits can direct you to lose weight gradually.

Here are the answers for “how to lose weight as a gamer”

how to lose weight as a gamer

Drink natural organic drinks

Eliminate alcohol, sweet beverages, sodas, energy drinks, artificial juices that are not organic. Excess sugar can increase your body weight, and these contain more calories than organic drinks like fresh fruit smoothies, green tea and mint tea.

Avoid junk foods

Avoid junk foods and processed foods like meat and fries. Junk and processed foods contain high calories. High amount of calories can easily increase your body weight. Continuous consumption of junk food can lead to overweight and obesity. Avoiding junk food is the easiest way to control your daily calorie intake.

Limit sweets

Avoid taking excess amount of sweets and candies. Because of the rapid changes in the sugar level of your body can increase your hunger and force you to eat more. Another point is, added sugars can give you extra calories that can be a reason for weight gain. So limiting sweets can be beneficial for losing weight. 

Limit the sitting time

Limit the time that you are sitting in front of the desktop and take some time to walk around and do some stretching. When you are playing games what you are doing is eating some foodstuff and sitting all day. Therefore the rate of burning calories is very low and make you fat. 

Drink more water

Drink at least 3 litres of water daily. If you think that you will forget to drink water, what you can do is fill 3 litres of water to a bottle and keep the bottle beside you. Keep reminders on your mobile phone to remind you to drink water. Water can make feel full and limit your food intake. Another benefit of drinking more water is, it helps boost the metabolism and burn more calories resulting in weight loss.

Choose healthy snacks

When you feel hungry, eat some fruits for snacks instead of junk food full of fats. Fruits contain necessary vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients; which means the natural substances contained in plants which can give many benefits and fibre. These components can make you healthier and fulfil you with the daily requirement of nutrients.

Cook your food

Spend some time to cook your food. When you are cooking, you can choose the healthy foods and cut-off unhealthy stuff. Increase the amount of vegetables, proteins and cut-off carbohydrates. Vegetables can give you the necessary nutrients while protein can help to build your body. 

Don’t confuse thirst with hunger

Sometimes thirst confused with hunger. When you feel hungry, don’t try to eat something in the first place. Eat some nuts first and then drink water. Avoid extra meals than the main meals. 

Limit coffee

Usually, gamers are coffee people. They are used to drink coffee all the time. But caffeine contained in coffee makes you stay awake. Researchers show that caffeine can increase the sugar level of the blood resulting in weight gain. So, reduce the intake of coffee for one time per day.

Green tea is the best substitute for coffee. Green tea is full of antioxidants that can help remove toxins from your body. Green tea can help to reduce your body weight as well. Researchers show that green tea can elevate the metabolic rate, improves insulin activity resulting in weight loss. When the metabolic rate is high, more calories are burning, and when there is a regular insulin activity, the blood glucose level also becomes regular. 

Lemon juice

Drink lemon juice. Or else you can add some lemon drops for your morning glass of water. Lemon also helps to reduce your weight and keep you healthier. 

Regular exercise

Regular exercise is a must for your weight loss process. Rather than weight loss, you should be active for at least 15 mins per day. Consult a trainer and plan a simple workout that is suitable for following daily. You can lose weight; not only that you can improve your stamina and good posture also. 

Enough sleep

Sleep at least 6-7 hours. When you are awake, you feel hungry and tend to eat more diets. When you don’t have enough sleep, you become lethargic, and your metabolism rate is decreasing below average. Then your body does not burn many calories as standard, resulting in weight gain. Not having enough sleep makes you stressed. When you have stressed a hormone called cortisol, “the stress hormone” levels are increasing heading to many health issues, including weight gain. So having enough sleep is essential.


Last and most important point is consistency. You can’t lose your weight overnight. It takes time. Stick into a plan and following the above process boost your result. If you make them as your daily habits, you will follow them involuntarily.

So this is how to lose weight as gamers. There is no magic to lose weight. There is no life-changing hack to lose weight. Just a simple change can be useful. It might be not very easy in the beginning, but surely you can manage it later. No matter what you do, your health should come first. So gamers, let the real games begin.

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