Is it possible for your teeth to shrink?

Is it possible for your teeth to shrink

Is It Possible For Your Teeth To Shrink? Teeth shrink means teeth are getting smaller with the time pass. Now you may be wondering about the teeth to shrink?

The answer is “obviously no” unless you have a habit of teeth grinding, over-brushing, or else erosion takes place.

Other than that, it is normal to teeth look smaller when you are getting older because teeth are not getting bigger with people. teeth aren’t bones. bones can heal themselves while teeth cannot

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Why my teeth are shorter? 

Some people are noticing that their teeth are getting shorter. Usually, teeth are not getting shorter. But if you noticed that your teeth are eroded, it is also an effect of teeth shrinking.  

If your teeth are getting smaller or shorter abnormally, you should take the medical help as soon as possible.

Because you may be triggering some bad habits without knowing or unconsciously, your dentist can only tell what is happening with your teeth and determine the treatment. 

what are the Reasons for teeth to shrink

Teeth grinding, called Bruxism, is the leading cause of teeth shrinking. Teeth grinding could happen during nighttime, unconsciously. Sleeping disorders, stress, depression, or other psychological factors affect Bruxism. 

Your tooth enamel is gradually damaged by Bruxism, causing many oral problems.

Enamel is the hardest substance of the human body acts as a coating to the inner tooth. Weakened enamel causes cavities and opens the pulp where the blood vessels and nerves lie. 

If you wear a mouthguard while sleeping is the best option to prevent damage to the teeth grinding, if your teeth are already damaged, you can meet a dentist and restore your teeth to normal by following the necessary medications. 

Over-brushing or improper brushing also a reason for shrinking teeth. Rough brush strokes, takes too long to brush the teeth, use wrong techniques leads to erode your teeth and shrink. 

When you are brushing, use the correct techniques to obtain the best results without overdoing. 

How to brush your teeth correctly.

teeth shrink brush teeth
  • Firstly, Choose a soft-fiber toothbrush because hard fiber can hurt your gums, causing bleeding. 
  • When you are brushing your teeth, the angle between the gum and the brush should be 45 degrees. 
  • Don’t be rough on your teeth and gums while cleaning. 
  • The brush strokes should be gentle and in a circular motion. 
  • The inner surface and outer surface of the teeth should be covered while brushing. 
  • Two to three minutes are more than enough to cover the whole mouth and don’t forget to brush your tongue too. It removes the bacteria, and your breath will be fresh.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day only because excessive brushing causes damage to your teeth. 

Erosion also leads to shrink teeth and can happen in several ways. 

Consuming excess amounts of acidic foods such as sodas and other sweetened beverages, certain dairy products, or processed foods causes damage to the tooth enamel resulting in teeth shrink. Foods with a high level of sugar or starches can also erode your tooth.

Not only that, acid reflux or heartburn can cause the erosion of teeth.during the acid reflux, stomach acid flows up through the food pipe, causing heartburn.

This acid eats away your tooth enamel continuously. Your dentist can determine whether you have acid reflux by the erosion pattern of your tooth enamel. 

Here the best option is when you diagnosed as that you have acid reflux, consult a doctor to treat acid reflux as well as meet your dentist to treat your teeth. 

It is natural for you to grow older, so are the teeth too. Continuous usage could change the shape of the teeth.

Losing the teeth in older people is a typical scenario. But it is better to replace the impaired teeth and restore functions quickly. 

How to prevent teeth shrink

Usually, even we spotted that our tooth is shrunk; they are not. We notice the growth of the body. But other external factors can force the teeth shrinking. Avoiding those factors can prevent you from teeth shrinking. 

  • Minimize the consumption of acidic foods and beverages
  • Wear a teeth guard while sleeping
  • Use a soft fiber toothbrush 
  • 2 minutes are more than enough to brush your teeth
  • Use correct techniques to brush your teeth
  • Take necessary medications and follow a proper diet plan to avoid acid reflux and heartburn
  • Meet your dentist regularly 
  • Drink fluoride water
  • Use a toothpaste contains fluoride
  • Wash your mouth just after eating sweet or acidic foods

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